Don't Be So Quick To Pack For A Move ~ Common Packing Materials And Mistakes Novices Make

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Don't Be So Quick To Pack For A Move ~ Common Packing Materials And Mistakes Novices Make

28 July 2016
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Are you planning to relocate soon? If so, you may also have plans to pack your belongings. Keep in mind that when moving supplies are used incorrectly, your belongings could end up damaged. Read on to understand what supplies to use and how to use them properly.

Bubble Wrap

This is a commonly used packing item that works well when used correctly. Be mindful of using bubble wrap for metal items because it can trap moisture which may cause certain types of metal to corrode or rust. If this is a short-distance move and you decide to use bubble wrap for items such as flatware, ensure that you make unpacking the metal items a priority at the new location. For long distance relocations or moving storage solutions, choose to place metal objects in a breathable material such as flannel bags. 

Some people prefer to pack their fragile electronics in bubble wrap. It is important to keep in mind that electronics are also prone to corrosion from moisture accumulation, and the moisture could negatively impact the performance of your electronics or damage them beyond repair. If you decide to use bubble wrap for your electronics, ensure that you put desiccant packs inside of the wrap to absorb moisture. 

Bubble wrap is also used to wrap glass, but it can leave spots on items such as mirrors. To avoid this type of mishap, wrap mirrors with the bubble side facing outwards. 

Old Newspapers

This is a staple packing material that people have favored for many years. It is often used to wrap glass items. However, some people overlook the possibility of ink transferring from the newspapers to their belongings. To avoid this, opt for unprinted newspaper materials to wrap glass items. You can then use printed newspaper as an additional layer of protection for already wrapped items. You can also crumple it up and use it to fill the space around items in the box to keep them in place, similar to how Styrofoam peanuts are used.


Do not use second-hand boxes, like produce boxes from grocery stores, for your move. This is because the boxes may not be constructed in a manner that will withstand the weight of your items. It is fine to use boxes made from recycled materials as long as they were designed to be used for moving. Ensure that you pack boxes close to full if they are going to be stacked on top of each other. This will reduce the chances of the weight from one box crushing the box below it and damaging the contents. 

Check out and ask a moving and storage specialist for more packing suggestions. They may also be able to offer you a quote for professional packing and moving or storing your belongings, which will reduce the chances of packing and storage mistakes occurring.