Have You Never Used A Moving Company? What To Know

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Have You Never Used A Moving Company? What To Know

10 June 2016
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Are you interested in hiring a professional moving company but you aren't sure who to hire, or what to do? Professional movers can make your move easy and fast, but it's important to find a great company that you can trust. When you call around to get the flat rates for services, you want to know what the entire package includes. Here are a few things to talk with the moving company about, and things that you can do to help make the moving experience and working with the company the best possible.

Get Details on Full Service

Find out what their full service package really entails. Does this mean that they are going to bring all of the packaging supplies with them and that they are going to do all of the unpacking when they get to your new living area? Know what you are going to pay for and what isn't included before you book the company.

Verify Insurance Amount

Just because the company has insurance, doesn't mean they have enough insurance to cover the cost of all the items you are moving. You want to make sure that anything you load on the truck can be replaced or repaired at the expense of the moving company. Verify how much they cover on the value of the items and whether they take full liability for all items being transported. Additional coverage may be needed.

Tip and Food

Don't forget that tipping the movers isn't included in the service fee that you pay. Although tipping is optional, many movers will expect it. Also, if they are going to spend a few days at your house packing, providing some bagels and donuts around breakfast time, pop and coffee, and other meals and snacks is also appreciated. Coffee can boost mood and improve productivity, so keeping the caffeine available all day long may be the best way to get the job done fast.

These are just a few of the things that you can prepare for in advance, so you don't have any blunders or disgruntled employees on the day of your big move. Moving companies take all of the heavy labor, lifting, stress and anxiety out of getting your household items from one location to another. Call around and find a company, like Two Guys Moving, that has good references and satisfied customers and who offers a competitive service price.