3 Myths About Self-Storage

Because of the valuable items within them, storage facilities can attract thieves. Learn how the facilities and you can deter them here.

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3 Myths About Self-Storage

28 January 2016
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At its core, using a self-storage unit seems simple. However, making the wrong decisions about aspects of self-storage, such as the type of unit you choose, can have an adverse effect on your belongings. Part of storing your belongings correctly is knowing the truth from fiction about storage. To help ensure you do, here are some myths and what you can really expect from storage.

Climate Control Is Unnecessary

Some people mistakenly believe that climate control storage is unnecessary for their belongings. In actuality, climate control is ideal for most belongings that are normally placed in storage. The climate in a storage unit can fluctuate and lead to damage.

For instance, wood furniture can start to swell on hot days. The combination of humidity and very little air circulating through the unit are usually the culprits. When this happen, the furniture becomes warped. You could also have a mildew problem occur because of the humidity.

However, when you use a climate control unit, the temperature stays at a reasonable level and your belongings are not subject to humidity and other weather-related issues.

Self-Storage Is Inaccessible

Another prevailing myth about self-storage is that it is inaccessible at certain times of the day. This is not necessarily true. There are many facilities that offer 24-hour access to storage units. Even if the storage company you select is not 24-hour, access is usually available throughout the day and into the evening.

Before agreeing to a contract, ensure that the storage unit is accessible during the hours that are most convenient for you.

Self-Storage Is Not Safe

Some people shy away from using self-storage because they believe it to be unsafe. In actuality, it is. In addition to the facility-wide security measures that come with some storage companies, such as security guards and cameras, your unit can be individually locked.

Most storage companies also rely on access codes to allow only customers into the units. As long as you do not share the code with someone else, your unit is safe. If you do share the code and are worried about who can gain entry, alert the staff at the storage company. Your access code can be changed.

Consult with a self-storage company, like American Storage, to get help with dispelling other rumors about renting a unit. By taking the time to find out the truth about storage, you can take advantage of the  many perks that do come with using an unit.