Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring Movers

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Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring Movers

20 January 2016
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Are you planning to move to a new home? Have you decided to hire a moving company to get your belongings safely from your old home to your new one? While you may be tempted to pick the first movers you find or to select randomly from a list, that may not be the best idea. Each moving company is slightly different and one that is right for someone else may not be the right one for you. Before you hire any movers, here are some questions you may want to ask them:

How long have you been in business? Some supposed moving companies may consist of little more than a couple of college students who have decided to make some extra money. They may have a very nice online classified ad, but little to no experience actually moving people. If you're moving heirlooms or other breakable items, you probably want movers that have been in business a while. Should any unforeseen issues crop up with your move, you'll want to know that there is an actual company for you to contact and not just a few kids who are studying for finals.

What fees do you charge? Some movers will give you a flat rate per hour to move everything. Other movers will charge you per hour, but add additional fees for lugging heavy furniture up and down flights of stairs. Still others will charge you a flat rate based on the number of rooms and the items you're moving. Because there are so many ways for a moving company to charge you, you can't assume that the estimate from one moving company is the same as what a different company would charge. Make sure to get the list of fees and the estimate in writing, before you agree to anything.

Are there any items that can't be moved? If you're moving to another state, your movers may have a list of items that you're not allowed to pack. This usually includes perishable items, like food, and various flammable materials. If your hobby is putting together miniatures and models, you may either have to throw out your paints and glue or else pack them in the vehicle you're driving to your new home. Although some of the prohibited items may seem strange or silly, having even an ordinary bottle of rubbing alcohol leak a little inside the confined area in the back of the moving van could be a serious fire hazard.

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