Why Storage Off-Site Makes More Sense Over Private On-Site Storage

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Why Storage Off-Site Makes More Sense Over Private On-Site Storage

14 January 2016
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When you need to remove items from your home because of a lack of space, you have to find a place to store it all. Homeowners that have a shed may find it tempting to use it for storage since it is close to home and free. This may seem like a great idea at first, but you may be better off with a storage facility away from home for a few reasons. 

Potential Pests

While there is no guarantee that your storage facility of choice will be completely pest free, you can feel assured that any pest problems will be dealt with quickly. If you are using a shed for storage, you'll need to discover the pest problem and get rid of it yourself.

Temperature Controls

If you have items that are temperature sensitive, you are better off taking them to a storage facility that offers climate controls. You can wire your shed for heating and cooling, but you still need to pay for the energy costs to keep the shed at the proper temperature 24/7. You are better off renting a storage unit from a facility where all the energy costs are included with your monthly fee.

Weather Protection

A shed may be covered, but it is still vulnerable to the elements. The floor of the shed can easily become wet if a heavy storm were to come through town, which can potentially ruin things resting on the floor. Elevating items off the ground reduces storage space, and it is still not a guarantee that items won't be affected by rain water.

Storage Space Size

A problem when using a shed is that you are limited to whatever size your existing shed is. Your shed may be free, but you cannot easily expand your storage size when the need arises. Storage units will be flexible with the space you need. You can always upgrade to a bigger unit if you find yourself outgrowing the one you have.

Security Concerns

Even though you are not close to your items while they are in off-site storage, they will be more secure. There are multiple security layers a person must go through to get to the off-site unit. This includes a key to have access to the building, the key to your specific storage unit, and security cameras in the facility. Chances are you won't have this type of protection when storing items in your own shed.

Does storage sound like a good solution to your excess storage problem? Reach out to a local storage facility (such as Access Self Storage) for more information and unit availability.