Moving 101: 4 Things You Might Not Be Able To Take With You

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Moving 101: 4 Things You Might Not Be Able To Take With You

12 January 2016
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If you are moving, you might think that if you pack everything neatly you can take it all with you. While you can take most things, there are some things you may not be allowed to transport. Some things are prohibited by most moving companies, while others are just dangerous to move. So what shouldn't you plan to take with you on your move? 

1. Chemicals, Flammables, and Firearms 

Anything that could be potentially dangerous due to movement, changing pressure, or changing temperatures should not be packed and moved. In general, anything that is flammable or chemically-based probably shouldn't be brought with you. Items such as gasoline, propane, oil, bleach, hairspray, or chemical cleaners should all be tossed properly. If you aren't sure how to discard these items, contact your local city health department.

Other potentially dangerous items, such as weapons or firearms probably shouldn't be packed either. If you want to take these items with you, talk to your local moving company for more information. If placed in a safe, some moving companies may offer to take them. However, these items may need to be transported by yourself in a safe vehicle. You will need to make sure all of your firearms are unloaded and place the ammunition in a separate case.

2. Perishables

You should also plan to discard any perishables before moving, as most moving companies will not move them. Items such as food and plants should be tossed before the move, or you should make plans to move these items yourself. Double-check to see if you can move your specific plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires inspections for some state lines because some plants carry pests or they are invasive to the area.

3. Temperature-Sensitive Items

Other items that you might not want to pack for moving includes things that are temperature sensitive. Items that are sensitive to heat may become damaged in a moving truck, as the storage areas of these vehicles are not temperature controlled. So anything that might be damaged from high or low temperatures should be packed and taken with you in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

Things that are usually temperature sensitive include appliances and electronics. So any personal computers, cell phones, or computer accessories should all be brought with you in your own vehicle if you are worried about their safety. If you don't want to take these items with you, talk to your local moving company about insulated boxes for your electronics and other items.

4. Medications

Finally, if you have any medications you should take these with you. Even if you don't take these medications daily, it is best to keep them on your person. In the event of an accident, medications may become damaged or lost. So it is always best to keep any and all medications on you during the move. If you have lots of medication that you don't need to move, put it in a plastic bag with some water (to dissolve the medication), then add some coffee grounds or kitty litter to the bag and throw it away.

As you can see, there are many items that you may not want to pack and move. If you do want to pack and move some these items, make sure you contact your local moving company for a list of items they refuse to move so that you can plan accordingly.