3 Things You Need To Do Before You Store Your Belongings In A Storage Unit

Because of the valuable items within them, storage facilities can attract thieves. Learn how the facilities and you can deter them here.

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Staying Safe While Using Your Storage Unit

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3 Things You Need To Do Before You Store Your Belongings In A Storage Unit

4 January 2016
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Storing your belongings can be very stressful. You might worry that your expensive and precious things will become damaged as they are stored, which is why it is so important that before you store anything that you ensure that everything has been properly prepped. Here are a couple things that you need to know about storing your belongings.

1. Polish Everything Before It Is Stored

One of the most important things you should do before you put anything in storage is polish it. This goes for everything that is leather and wood. When you polish it you give it a layer of protection between the elements and the fibers. For instance, wood is incredibly susceptible to expansion and shrinking as the temperature changes and as the humidity fluctuates. With a layer of polish over the wood, it will hold together the wood so that it doesn't crack or break. This goes for leather as well. Thus, never put your furniture in storage without polishing it first.

2. Don't Put Wood and Leather On The Floor

If possible you should prop everything up before you store it. Most storage units have concrete floors. Even if your unit has some sort of temperature or climate control function the concrete will still be the hardest to control the temperature. In addition when you put it on the ground, there is no way for air to get under it. This is why you should take blocks, boxes or something to put underneath the furniture so that it can be propped up. This will help to protect the furniture from being ruined.

3. Always Drape Furniture With A Sheet or Fabric

It is important that you don't leave your furniture exposed when it is being stored. However, covering the furniture tightly in plastic is dangerous. It will do a good job of protecting the furniture from dirt and dust, but it won't allow any oxygen or air to pass through. It is incredibly important that your furniture still get oxygen and air, otherwise it could mold or crack.

This is why using sheets or fabric to drape over the furniture is ideal. It will allow air to pass through, keeping the furniture safe, but it will still protect it from damage due to dirt and dust in the air. Consequently, all of your things should be covered with sheets and fabrics, even in an enclosed self storage unit.

By doing these things you can be sure that your belongings are safe while they are stored.