3 Decorative Storage Containers You Can Make From Recycled Materials

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3 Decorative Storage Containers You Can Make From Recycled Materials

25 December 2015
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Moving to a home with a smaller floor plan can be difficult. If you find that your new home doesn't have as much storage as you'd like, it may be possible to maximize the existing space in your new home by adding some decorative storage containers to your home decor.

Here are three decorative storage containers you can make using recycled materials in the future.

1. Use an old moving box to make a storage basket.

Storage baskets provide decorative places to hide excess items that you don't want visible within your home. If you don't want to spend a significant amount of money purchasing storage baskets, you can use your old moving boxes to craft your own.

To complete this project, you will need a cardboard moving box, scissors, a hot glue gun, some twine from your local craft store, and a fabric liner. Cut the top flaps off your box and wrap the twine around the box, gluing it in place as you go.

Once you have covered the exterior of the box in twine, use the glue gun to affix your liner fabric to the interior of the box. The finished result is a storage basket that can be used to store anything from toilet paper and mouthwash to magazines and baking supplies.

2. Transform your old coffee cans into storage jars.

If you relied heavily on coffee to help you get through your move, you can recycle your empty coffee cans by turning them into storage jars. Start by thoroughly cleaning out empty coffee cans with soap and water.

Once the can is dry, apply some contact paper in the pattern of your choice to the exterior of the can. Spray paint the lid a coordinating color and add some chalkboard labels to help you stay organized. Used coffee cans make affordable storage jars that look chic in any room.

3. Use tin cans to create storage cubbies.

If you have a lot of smaller items (like paper clips, pencils, or notepads) that need to be stored, you can take advantage of your new home's vertical space by creating storage cubbies out of recycled tin cans. Collect tin cans in various sizes, and use sandpaper to file away any sharp edges left behind by the can opener.

Remove the paper labels, and thoroughly wash the cans with soap and water. Once the cans are dry, apply a coat of spray paint in the color(s) of your choice. Drive a screw through the back of the cans to attach them to the wall, and create an aesthetically pleasing pattern that will serve as both storage and art.

Finding ways to incorporate recycled materials into your home doesn't have to be difficult. Use these materials to help you create additional storage space when downsizing in the future. For more information on storage, consider contacting companies like Grand Central Storage.