How An International Relocation Company Can Help With Your Move

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How An International Relocation Company Can Help With Your Move

24 December 2015
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Are you a highly trained professional who is thinking about relocating overseas? Have you already received a job offer, but now you're trying to decide what to do next? Moving to the other side of the world can be scary at first when you have to deal with possibilities like new laws, a new language and a new culture. Here are some ways an international relocation company can help you:

Avoiding potential legal issues: Different countries have different laws and regulations regarding exactly what can and cannot be brought into the country. If you're planning on just mailing a few choice belongings to yourself, instead of shipping everything, you could run afoul of international customs. For example, when using international mail to ship belongings to Italy, prohibited items include ordinary things like clocks, photo albums and artificial flowers. By sending your favorite measuring cups through the mail, you could also get in trouble with French customs. A good international relocation company should be able to tell you whether any items in your home are completely prohibited or if your pre-owned personal belongings are allowed to be imported. 

Storage before and after your move: If you've ever moved across the country before, you know that it can be difficult to coordinate the move in and move out dates. You may have been told that your new residence would be ready on a certain date, only to arrive and find out that it wouldn't be available for at least a few more days. It was likely a hassle, but you were probably eventually able to find a storage unit to hold your belongings temporarily until you could move in. When you're moving to another country, one where you may not be completely fluent in the language, making these kinds of arrangements on the fly can be difficult. And then once your new home is ready, how do you get your belongings moved in? With an international relocation company, they're familiar with all these possibilities. Instead of worrying about your stuff and how to transport it, they'll handle everything. This will allow you to focus on settling into a new city and getting any immigration issues sorted.

Although you may want to try to save money by handling as much of your move on your own as possible, you will likely eventually find out that it's more trouble than you initially expected. By using a relocation company that does international moves, you'll be able to focus on your new life instead of worrying about inadvertently breaking a law or unspoken rule. Contact an international relocation company, such as Hollander Storage & Moving, for more information.