Preventing Square Tires When Your Car Is In Storage

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Preventing Square Tires When Your Car Is In Storage

15 January 2016
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If you're planning to put your car in storage for a while, you have to think carefully about what you'll do regarding the tires. If a car sits in the same place for a long time, the weight of the car can bear down on the tires and actually cause the tires to take on a flatter edge. This is sometimes referred to as having square tires because the new edge is so straight. Here are three possible ways to combat flat spots on tires when you store your car.

Tire Removal and Jacks

One strategy is to remove the tires and store them on a rack, while you store your car on raised jacks. This definitely takes the weight off the tires, and elevating your car also makes it a little harder for rodents and bugs to get in. However, you must be sure that the jacks are steady and placed correctly so that they don't collapse and let your car fall.

Weight Distribution Pads

If you don't want to remove the tires, look for special pads that cradle the tires. These pads have a curved surface that matches the curve on the tires. The extra surface contact helps distribute the weight of the tires and helps the tires retain the curved shape. You must be careful in setting up the pads because they simply sit on the floor, but you have to align them correctly. If you're storing your car in a unit that doesn't have a lot of room, these may be difficult to use. But if you have enough room to move around the car and keep adjusting the pads, these could be a big help.

Cheap Tires

This one is for people who don't mind removing tires but who don't want to leave their car without tires for very long. Get a set of old, cheap tires that you don't mind losing. Remove the regular tires from the car and store them on a rack, and put the cheap tires on. If the tires develop flat spots, no worries because they're cheap tires you're not planning on keeping anyway.

If you need more information about storing your car offsite at a storage facility, contact a facility like King Arthur Self Storage. Even the places that look like your typical household-goods storage unit complex often offer vehicle storage, so see what their recommendations are for keeping tires in good shape.